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Go into the whole world and proclaim the Gospel to every creature.
Mark 16:15
The Ascension of the Lord - May 21st

Sacrament of Reconciliation

The Year 3 Sacrament of Reconciliation program has now commenced.  Thank you to those families who attended the Parent/Child Workshops this week.  The students will attend their Sacramental retreat next Tuesday 23 May.  A final rehearsal will be held for all candidates on Tuesday 13 June at 4pm.  The Sacrament of Reconciliation will take place on Thursday 15 June commencing at 6.30pm.

Uniform - Term 2

As per the school’s Uniform Manual, all students from Years 1-6, must now be wearing their full winter uniform and adhere to all sections outlined in the manual.  If you are unsure of the uniform requirements, please visit the school website.  I am aware that there are supply issues in relation to the school tie and sport tracksuit pants.  This should be rectified in the next week or so.  The school uniform shop is open every Monday (8.00-10.00am), Wednesday (8.00-10.00am) and Thursday (1.30-3.30pm) during term.

Trackpants and windcheaters are now available to purchase.

Ties should be back in stock by Wednesday morning.

School Photo Day is Coming!

Your school photo day is coming! Approximately two weeks prior to the photo day every student will receive a personalised flyer to bring home from Kapture Photography containing your child’s unique codes for ordering school photos online.


The unique codes contained on the flyer will be issued only once.

Order EARLY for sibling photography

Sibling photos can ONLY be ordered online. Once you receive the personalised flyers for your children, it is imperative that you order your sibling photo early to avoid missing out! There is a physical limit in the school schedule to how many sibling photos can be taken. Once the maximum capacity of sibling orders has been reached, no more sibling orders can be placed.

If maximum capacity is not reached, sibling orders close 12pm midday sharp, one business day prior to the first photo day.

The school or the photographers cannot accept late orders for sibling photography. Please do not ask as your request simply cannot be accommodated.

Order EARLY for discount photo day prices

Order your photos within 10 calendar days of photo day to receive discount photo day prices. Late orders are handled separately to the school delivery and incur a $30 custom service charge.


Other information

Your school will notify you in a few weeks when team and special group photos are available to view and purchase on the Kapture website. Please note; class, individual and sibling portraits are not available to view online prior to purchase.

Kapture offer a money back guarantee for any parent who is not fully satisfied with their photo package. Should you have any queries before or after photo day, please check the FAQ’s on the Kapture website.

All students will be photographed individually on photo day for school administration records AS WELL as included in their class group presentation available for purchase to all families. 

Pre-Kindy - Change of Start Time

A reminder that effective from yesterday, Pre Kindy now commences at 9.00am.  Thank you to those families who attended and enjoyed the FREE Open Day yesterday.

4-Year-Old Kindy Interviews 2024

2024 Kindy interviews have now commenced and will continue until the end of Week 6.  The interview process is a wonderful opportunity for me to meet new families, their child and to answer any questions they may have about the school or the 4-Year-Old Kindy program.  Mrs Konle and Mrs Finlay will interview families who have children already enrolled in the school.

Pupil Free Day Term 2

There will be a Pupil Free Day for all students in Kindergarten to Year 6 held on Friday 2 June.  OSHC will not be available on this day.

Kindy and Pre-Primary Playground Update

The school has been fortunate enough to continue the redevelopment of the Kindy and Pre-primary playground. Works will commence on Friday 26 May until Monday 19 June. These works will be near the entry gate, so please be mindful  when you enter and exit the Kindy and Pre-Primary area.

Executive Visit

On Tuesday 30 May, Dr Tony Curry (Director of People, Capability and Wellbeing) will attend Xavier and spend time visiting classrooms and speaking with the Leadership Team, Fr. Mark, School Advisory Council Chair, staff, and students.

Mother's Day in Kindy

On Wednesday 10 May our Kindy classes ran a ‘Mum’s Pamper Session’ for a special Mother’s Day treat. In the pamper session the children painted their Mum’s nails, did their make up, gave them a massage, decorated cupcakes and made bracelets. It was such a beautiful morning enjoyed by everyone. 

The Fathering Project

On Monday 29 May, there will be a Fathering Project event held at the school from 5.00pm until 6.00pm (Undercover Area).  This event is only for current students and their fathers/grandfathers/male role models.  It will be a Pizza and Paper Plane evening with competitions and lots of fun.

Year 6 Interschool Sports

Congratulations to the Year 6 students on a successful commencement to the Eagle’s Cup competition last week against St Munchin’s.  Best of luck to the Xavier teams competing against Salvado in netball, football, and soccer today.

Year 1 Football Gala with the Dockers

A few weeks ago, the Year 1 students attended the Freo Dockers Fundamentals Gala Day. Students participated in a rotation of seven skill based games that aligned with the activities they have been participating in during Physical Education. This Gala Day saw students showcase their recently developed skills including marking, handballing and kicking. Students also received the opportunity to meet Freo Dockers mascots, female and male players. It was a great day out for all students and staff involved! Click on the button below to check out the video made by the Dockers featuring quite a few of our Year 1 students.

Click here for Dockers video

4 Year Old Kindy Interviews for 2024

2024 Kindy interviews will commence from the beginning of Week 4 through to the end of Week 6.  The interview process is a wonderful opportunity for me to meet new families, their child and to answer any questions they may have about the school or the 4-Year-Old Kindy program.  Mrs Konle, and Mrs Finlay will interview families who have children already enrolled in the school.

Bread Bag Recycling Promotion

The bread bag recycling initiative which encourages families to bring in empty bread bags to exchange for sports equipment is progressing well.  The promotion ends on 7 July.

Parent School Survey

Thank you to those families who assisted the school with our forward planning by completing the Parent School survey. Congratulations to Kaleisha Pilkington for entering and winning the raffle!

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